The Best Tools for Your Business Success


With the right tool, everything gets easier

Human capital is the largest asset of a company and its decisions about it directly impact on various aspects of your business:

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Reduce turnover by making sure the correspondence between the professional and the job open.

Retaining talent

Improve job satisfaction, avoid burnout and learn how to motivate your team.

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Process optimization

Increase efficiency by identifying the best candidates and avoid unnecessary costs with turnover.

Revenue increase

Hire and develop people with high performance who will drive your bottom line.

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Improved efficiency

Maintain a high performance team by understanding each profile.

Leadership Building

Make sure the right people are in the key positions for effective leadership.

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+ 53 million of people

Used for more than 38 years in more than 75 countries, DiSC is the most widely used tool in the world. It aims to increase people's understanding of their own behavior and of others.


Developed by specialists, SOFT SKILLS has evaluated millions of people in different industries and positions, providing a comprehensive report on personality traits and characteristics that can impact an individual's performance in a given role.

The best investment of your company is your team

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Humans Solutions is a technology company specializing in providing tools and solutions that work on human capital. With its own tools, it provides solutions for hiring, evaluating and developing people.